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January 2014

New arsenal distribution Titles



We are delighted that we were able to add the following films from the 2013 Forum and Forum Expanded program to our distribution range: AL-KHOROUG LEL-NAHAR / COMING FORTH BY DAY (Hala Lotfy, Egypt, UAE 2012), HÉLIO OITICICA (Cesar Oiticia Filho, Brasil 2012, 94 min), I USED TO BE DARKER (Matt Porterfield, USA 2013, 90 min), LEVIATHAN (Lucien Castaing-Taylor/ Véréna Paravel, USA/France/UK 2012, 87 min), SIENIAWKA (Marcin Malaszczak, Germany, Poland 2013, 126 min), STEMPLE PASS (James Benning, USA 2012, 121 min), LUNCH WITH GERTRUDE STEIN (Isabelle Prim, France 2012, 45 min), ONCE EVERY DAY (Richard Foreman, USA 2012, 64 min), ROTATION (Ginan Seidl/ Clara Wieck, Germany 2012, 8 min), NOT BLACKING OUT JUST TURNING THE LIGHTS OFF (James Richards, UK 2012, 17 min) und BÜHNE (Daniel Kötter, Germany 2012, 8 min).

Further more MICROBRIGADES (Florian Zeyfang, Germany 2013, 31 min), KALTE PROBE (Constanze Ruhm, Christine Lang, Austria 2013, 84 min), FARTHER THAN THE EYE CAN SEE (Basma Alsharif, Palestine 2013, 13 min), LESSONS IN PROCESS (Philip Hoffman, Cuba/Canada 2012, 30 min), YUMEN (Xu Ruotao, Huang Xiang, J.P. Sniadecki, USA, China 2013, 64 min), NEVER (Armando Lulaj, Albania 2013, 22 min), THE RUNAWAY TROUPE OF THE CARTESIAN THEATER (Lior Shamriz, Germany, China 2013, 18 min), YUGOSLAVIA, HOW IDEOLOGY MOVED OUR COLLECTIVE BODY (Marta Popivoda, Germany, France, Serbia 2013, 62 min) and EDWARD KRASINSKI’S STUDIO (Babette Mangolte, USA 2012, 30 min).

After THE CONNECTION (Forum 2012) we have now also added Shirley Clarke's PORTRAIT OF JASON (USA 1967, 105 min) to our distribution range, as well as a new print of KYA HUA IS SHAHAR KO? / WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS CITY? (Deepa Dhanraj, India 1986, 90 min).