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september 2020, distribution news


by Bernd Schoch

OLANDA opens on the starry sky over Romania’s Carpathian Mountains. The first two images mark the dimensions to which the film is dedicated: on the one hand, details and delicate structures; on the other, constellations and the big picture. At the center of the documentary is a seasonal economic commodity of the region: the mushroom. No one is more closely attuned to it than the mushroom collectors, and the film stays mainly with them, following them on walks through the forest, at their camps and in their conversations. From here the film follows the rhizome-like branches that spread out ever further in the form of money. Beyond an analysis of economic structures, however, the film is also a sensory document of the rhythm of everyday life in the forest as experienced by the collectors.

september 2020, distribution news

"The Two Sights"

by Joshua Bonnetta, release postponed to 2021

The closing titles say The Two Sights was “collected” on various islands of the Outer Hebrides from 2017–19, but what does the film gather? There are the images, captured on a 16mm camera, which survey all this ravishing landscape contains, taking in its rocky cliffs, beaches and plains, alighting on its flora and fauna and the houses and ships sprinkled over it, picking out currents, reflections and shifts in light. Then there are the sounds, recorded with the mic visible in the first shots, keening birds, the roaring wind, the crashing, gurgling, trickling of the water.

november 2018, distribution news

"Klassenverhältnisse" (Class Relations, FRG/F 1983)

by Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub

Based on the Franz Kafkas incomplete first novel, "Der Verschollene (Amerika)", CLASS RELATIONS is told from the perspective of a young German who emigrates to the US to encounter a strange new world. Harun Farocki and Thom Andersen appear in the film as well as Alf Bold, a long time colleague of ours.