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Public Screening

(1) ROSE HOBART, 1936 (2) WILMINGTON, 1969 (3) ANNA, 1975 (4) DESCOMEDIDOS Y CHASCONES, 1973 (5) THE VERY EYE OF THE NIGHT, 1959 (6) L'HYPOTHÈSE DU TABLEAU VOLÉ, 1978 (7) LA BATAILLE DES DIX MILLIONS, 1970 (8) A UN DIOS DESCONOCIDO, 1978 (9) COMMITTED, 1980–84 (10) ALYAM ALYAM, 1978 (11) SHIWJOT TAKOJ PAREN, 1964 (12) ORG, 1978 (13) DAS UNBEKANNTE HAMBURG, 1983–88 (14) THE GOLD DIGGERS, 1983 (15) ABSTRONIC, 1952/54 (16) LA VERIFICA INCERTA, 1965 (17) COLOUR POEMS, 1974 (18) LA MACCHINA CINEMA, 1978 (19) DIE OPTISCHE INDUSTRIEGESELLSCHAFT ODER DARF'S EIN VIERTELPFUND MEHR SEIN, 1983 (20) AMY!, 1980 (21) Mary Ellen Bute at her oscilloscope, Courtesy: Cecile Starr (22) First Video Screenings at the Arsenal in the Welserstraße, around 1980

Once a month, Living Archive participants select films for the public screening. These screenings give participants the chance to exchange ideas with an audience, in addition to viewing the films on the editing table. The public viewings of rarely screened films give insight into the diversity of the Living Archive project, as well as into the Arsenal Archive itself.

Public Screening, March 2013
ROSE HOBART, Joseph Cornell, USA 1936, 16mm, no dialogue, 19 min
SIGNAL – GERMANY ON THE AIR, Ernie Gehr, USA 1985, 16mm, no dialogue, 34 min
selected by Martin Ebner

Public Screening, January 2013
WILMINGTON, NY Newsreel, USA 1969, 16mm, OV/GeS, 15 min
JANIE'S JANIE, NY Newsreel, USA 1971, 16mm, OV, 24min
ONLY THE BEGINNING, NY Newsreel, USA 1971, 16mm, OV, 20 min
selected by Angela Melitopoulos

Public Screening, December 2012
ANNA, Alberto Grifi, Massimo Sarchielli, Italy 1975, 16mm, OV/GeS, 213 min
selected by Constanze Ruhm

Public Screening, November 2012
DESCOMEDIDOS Y CHASCONES (Cool and Tough), Carlos Flores del Pino, Chile 1973, 16mm, OV/GeS, 63 min
TEILWEISE VON MIR – EIN VOLKSSTÜCK (Partly Mine – A Folk Film), Hellmuth Costard, FRG 1973, 16mm, OV, 55 min
selected by Florian Wüst

Public Screening, October 2012
ABEL GANCE: THE CHARM OF DYNAMITE, Kevin Brownlow, GB 1968, 16mm, OV, 52 min
THE VERY EYE OF NIGHT, Maya Deren, USA 1959, 16mm, without dialogue, 13 min
selected by Joel Pizzini

Public Screening, September 2012
L'HYPOTHÈSE DU TABLEAU VOLÉ (The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting), Raúl Ruiz, France 1978, OV/GeS, 67 min
COLLOQUE DE CHIENS, Raúl Ruiz, France 1978, OV/GeS, 18 min
selected by Stephan Geene

Public Screening, August 2012
DE CIERTA MANERA, Sara Gómez, Cuba 1974, 35mm, OVGeS, 79 min
LA BATAILLE DES DIX MILLIONS, Chris Marker, Cuba 1970, 35mm, OV with German commentary, 79 min
selected by Florian Zeyfang

Public Screening, July 2012
Excerpts from the following films will be screened:
CINCUENTA Y DOS DOMINGOS, Llorenç Soler, Spain 1970, 16mm, OV, 42 min
TOQUE DE QUEDA, Iñaki Nuñez, Spain 1978, 35mm, OVGeS, 40 min

LA TORNA, Albert Boadella/Francesc Bellmunt, Spain 1978, 16mm, OVGeS, 120 min
LIBERTAT D´ESPRESSIÓ, Antoni Ribas, Spain 1978, 16mm, OV, 12 min
LA VIEJA MEMORIA, Jaime Camino, Spain 1978, 35mm, OVGeS, 165 min
SHIRLEY TEMPLE STORY, Antoni Padros, Spain 1976, 16mm, OV, 226 min
A UN DIOS DESCONOCIDO, Jaime Chávarri, Spain 1978, 35mm, OVGeS, 107 min
selected by Sabine Schöbel

Public Screening, June 2012
COMMITTED, Sheila McLaughlin, Lynne Tillman, USA 1980–84, 16mm, OV/GeS, 77 min
INSIDE OUT, Sheila McLaughlin, USA 1976/78, 16mm, silent, 20 min
SHE MUST BE SEEING THINGS, Sheila McLaughlin, USA/FRG 1987, 16mm, OV, 92 min
selected by Heinz Emigholz

Public Screening, May 2012
ALYAM ALYAM, Ahmed El Maanouni, Morocco 1978, 35mm, 87 min, OV/EnS
selected by Ala Younis

Public Screening, April 2012
SHIWJOT TAKOJ PAREN, Wassilij Schukschin, Soviet Union 1964, 35mm, 99 min, OV/GeS
selected by Michael Baute

Public Screening, March 2012
ORG, Fernando Birri, Argentina/Italy 1978, 35mm, OV, 177 min
selected by Entuziazm

Public Screening, January 2012
FACE I & II, Ludwig Schönherr, Germany 1968/69, Super8, silent, 9 min
ZOOM DOKU, Ludwig Schönherr, Germany 1967–69, Super8, silent, 18 min
ELEKTRONIK 4, Ludwig Schönherr, Germany 1969/70, Super8 to DVD, silent, 28 min
DAS UNBEKANNTE HAMBURG, Ludwig Schönherr, Germany 1983–88, 16mm, 60 min
selected by Marc Siegel

Public Screening, December 2011
THRILLER, Sally Potter, GB 1979, 16mm, OV/GeS, 33 min
selected by Madeleine Bernstorff
THE GOLD DIGGERS, Sally Potter, GB 1983, 35mm, OV, 89 min
selected by Constanze Ruhm

Works by Mary Ellen Bute, December 2011
presented by Sandra Naumann
RHYTHM IN LIGHT, USA 1934/35, 16mm, 5 min
SYNCHROMY NO.2, USA 1935/36, 16mm, 5 min
DADA, USA 1936, 16mm, 3 min
PARABOLA, USA 1937, 16mm, 9 min
ESCAPE, USA 1937/38, 16mm, 4 min
SPOOK SPORT, USA 1939/1941, 16mm, 8 min
TARANTELLA, USA 1940/41, 16mm, 5 min
POLKA GRAPH, USA 1947/1952, 16mm, 4 min
COLOR RHAPSODY, USA 1948/1951, 16mm, 6 min
PASTORAL, USA 1950/53, 16mm, 9 min
IMAGINATION, USA 1957, Compilation for Steve Allen Show on NBC, 16mm, 3 min
NEW SENSATIONS IN SOUND, USA 1959, Advertisement for RCA color television, 16mm, 3 min
ABSTRONIC, USA 1952/54, 16mm, 7 min
MOOD CONTRASTS, USA 1953/56, 16mm, 7 min

Public Screening, November 2011
LA VERIFICA INCERTA, Alberto Grifi, Gianfranco Baruchello, Italy 1965, 16mm, no dialogue, 31 min
selected by Harun Farocki
WERNER HERZOG EATS HIS SHOE, Les Blank, USA 1980, 16mm, OV, 26 min
GARLIC IS AS GOOD AS TEN MOTHERS, Les Blank, USA 1979/1980, 16mm, OV, 58 min
selected by Sabine Nessel

Works by Margaret Tait, November 2011
presented by Ute Aurand
PORTRAIT OF GA, GB 1952, 16mm, 4 min
WHERE I AM IS HERE, GB 1964, 16mm, 33 min
THE BIG SHEEP (Caora Mor), GB 1966, 16mm, 40 min
COLOUR POEMS, GB 1974, 16mm, 11 min
ON THE MOUNTAINS, GB 1974, 16mm, 32 min
AERIAL, GB 1974, 16mm, 4 min
GARDEN PIECES, GB 1998, 16 mm, 12 min

Public Screening, October 2011
LA MACCHINA CINEMA, Marco Bellocchio, Silvano Agosti, Sandro Petraglia, Stefano Rulli, Italy 1978, 16mm, OV/GeS, 268 min
selected by Entuziazm (Michael Baute, Volker Pantenburg, Stefan Pethke and Stefanie Schlüter)

Public Screening, September 2011
COME BACK, AFRICA, Lionel Rogosin, USA 1958, 84 min
selected by Darryl Els
HEXENSCHUSS, Riki Kalbe, West Germany 1979, 16mm, OV, 29 min
selected by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus

Public Screening, August 2011
AMY!, Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen, GB 1980, 16mm, OV/GeS, 33min
SIGMUND FREUD'S DORA: A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY, Andrew Tyndall, Anthony McCall, Claire Pajaczkowska, Ivan Ward, Jane Weinstock, USA 1979, 16mm, OV, 35 min
selected Winfried Pauleit

Public Screening, July 2011
PASSAGES FROM FINNEGANS WAKE, Mary Ellen Bute, USA 1965, 16mm, OV, 89 min
selected by Stefanie Schlüter

Public Screening, June 2011
FILMSTIL UND TECHNIK (six parts), Ulrich Gregor, Michael Strauven, West Germany 1968, 184 min