Film PDFs

This archive is a work in progress. At the moment, you can download information for the films shown in the years 1971-2002. The pdf files for the Forum films from 2003 onwards are available on the Forum website for the respective year and can be found via the program archive menu item.

By Year and Forum Section

Pozeluj Meri Pikford /A Kiss From Mary Pickford

Sergej Komarow, USSR 1927

Size: 2.34 MiByte

Verriegelte Zeit

Sibylle Schönemann, West Germany, GDR 1990

Size: 4.86 MiByte

Ein schmales Stück Deutschland

Joachim Tschirner, West Germany 1991

Size: 4.68 MiByte

November Days

Marcel Ophüls, West Germany, Great Britain 1990

Size: 4.89 MiByte

Der zynische Körper / The Holy Bunch

Heinz Emigholz, West Germany 1986-1990

Size: 4.55 MiByte

Töchter zweier Welten

Serap Berrakkarasu, West Germany 1990

Size: 2.29 MiByte

Das Gleiche wollen und das Gleiche nicht wollen

Ingo Kratisch, Jutta Sartory, West Germany 1990

Size: 1.69 MiByte

Chante ma petite chante

Ulla Otto, West Germany 1990

Size: 1.49 MiByte

Wer sind wir? Deutsche in Sibirien 1990

Leonija Wuss-Mundeciema, GDR, West Germany 1990

Size: 2.46 MiByte

Les enfants volants / The Flying Children

Guillaume Nicloux, France 1990

Size: 4.92 MiByte

A idade maior / Alex

Teresa Villaverde, Portugal 1990

Size: 2.24 MiByte

I cimbri

Peter Schreiner, Austria 1989-1991

Size: 3.13 MiByte

Der grüne Berg

Fredi M. Murer, Switzerland 1990

Size: 2.36 MiByte

Lyrisch Nitraat

Peter Delpeut, Netherlands 1990

Size: 2.24 MiByte

Goda Människor / Good People

Stefan Jarl, Sweden 1990

Size: 2.07 MiByte

I Hired a Contract Killer

Aki Kaurismäki, Finland, Sweden 1990

Size: 3.24 MiByte

The Garden

Derek Jarman, Great Britain 1990

Size: 2.07 MiByte

Krug Wtoroj / The Second Circle

Alexander Sokurow, USSR 1990

Size: 4.89 MiByte

DGE / Der Tag

Lewan Glonti, USSR, Georgia 1989-1990

Size: 1.75 MiByte

Home Less Home

Bill Brand, USA 1990

Size: 2.22 MiByte


Todd Haynes, USA 1990

Size: 2.19 MiByte

All the Vermeers in New York

Jon Jost, USA 1990

Size: 4.69 MiByte

Absolutely Positive

Peter Adair, USA 1991

Size: 2.32 MiByte

Chile in Transition

Gaston Ancelovici, Frank Diamand, Canada 1990

Size: 2.06 MiByte

Sangsatsu No Raion

Hitoshi Yazaki, Japan 1990

Size: 1.13 MiByte


Kenchi Iwamoto, Japan 1990

Size: 2.71 MiByte

Gungun Hongchen / Red Dust

Yim Ho, Hongkong 1990

Size: 2.05 MiByte

Jidong Qixia / The Iceman Cometh

Clarence Y.L. Fok, Hongkong 1989

Size: 2.18 MiByte

Alicia En El Pueblo De Mara Villas / Alice in Wonderland

Daniel Díaz Torres, Cuba 1991

Size: 3.74 MiByte

Despues de la Tormenta / After the Storm

Tristán Bauer, Argentina 1990

Size: 2.24 MiByte


Leon Constantíner, Mexico 1989-1990

Size: 12.20 MiByte


María Novaro, Mexico 1989

Size: 12.20 MiByte

Los Pasos de Ana

Marisa Sistach, Mexico 1989

Size: 12.20 MiByte

Sibirijas Ekspedicijas 1980-1984 (Samanu maksla)

Andris Slapinsch, Latvia, USSR 1980-1984

Size: 1.41 MiByte


For information about films shown after 2003, please see the respective year via the program archive menu item.