Film PDFs

This archive is a work in progress. At the moment, you can download information for the films shown in the years 1971-2002. The pdf files for the Forum films from 2003 onwards are available on the Forum website for the respective year and can be found via the program archive menu item.

By Year and Forum Section

Woswraschtschenije Nejtana Bekkera – Nosn Beker Fort Ahejm / The Return of Nathan Becker

Boris Schpis, Raschel Milman, USSR 1932

Size: 3.51 MiByte

The Dybbuk

Michal Waszynski, Poland 1937

Size: 4.49 MiByte

Soll sein – Jiddische Kultur im Jüdischen Staat

Henryk M. Broder, Frans van der Meulen, Israel, Netherlands 1984-1990

Size: 2.30 MiByte

Rostige Bilder

Manfred Wilhelms, Germany 1992

Size: 4.22 MiByte

Die unheimlichen Frauen

Birgit Hein, Germany 1991

Size: 2.17 MiByte


Ulricke Ottinger, Germany 1991-1992

Size: 1.53 MiByte

Der Schwarze Kasten – Versuch eines Psychogramms

Johann Feindt, Tamara Trampe, Germany 1992

Size: 4.04 MiByte

A.I.B.R.G.M Part II

Matthias Dinter, Germany 1991

Size: 1.14 MiByte

Life Park

Andreas Tröger, Germany 1991

Size: 1.14 MiByte


Gabriela Gruber, Germany 1991

Size: 1.14 MiByte

Idole mio

Barbara Marheineke, Germany 1991

Size: 1.14 MiByte


J.E. Tukiendorf, Cosima Dannoritzer, Germany 1991

Size: 1.14 MiByte

Sanfte Hügel

Tom Neubauer, Germany 1991

Size: 1.14 MiByte

Seriat - Familie Tütüncü in der Fremde – Zwei Filme in einem Film

Urs Graf, Marlies Graf Dätwyler, Switzerland 1991

Size: 4.09 MiByte

Missä on Mussette? / Where is Mussette?

Veikko Nieminen, Jarmo Vesteri, Finland 1991

Size: 1.91 MiByte

La vie de Bohème / The Bohemian Life

Aki Kaurismäki, Finland, Austria 1992

Size: 4.42 MiByte

L'annonce faite à Marie / The Annunciation of Marie

Alain Cuny, France, Canada 1991

Size: 4.47 MiByte

Berlin Jerusalem

Amos Gitai, France 1989

Size: 8.44 MiByte

Wadi 1981-1991

Amos Gitai, France, Israel 1981-1991

Size: 8.44 MiByte

Les frères des frères

Richard Copans, France 1991

Size: 1.59 MiByte

Essais d'ouverture

Luc Moullet, France 1988

Size: 1.85 MiByte

Gli ultimi giorni

Corso Salani, Italy 1991

Size: 2.01 MiByte

Trys Dienos / Three Days

Sarunas Bartas, Lithuania 1991

Size: 1.28 MiByte


Sasa Chalwaschi, Georgia 1990

Size: 1.70 MiByte

Sady Skorpiona

Oleg Kowalow, USSR 1991

Size: 4.44 MiByte

Identifikazija Shelanii / Identification of Desire

Tolib Chamidow, USSR 1991

Size: 1.78 MiByte

Cup Final

Eran Riklis, Israel 1991

Size: 1.90 MiByte

The Usual

Eric Tretbar, USA 1991

Size: 1.26 MiByte


Tom Kalin, USA 1991

Size: 3.85 MiByte

The Good Woman of Bangkok

Dennis O'Rourke , Australia 1991

Size: 2.11 MiByte

Mahaprithivi / World Within, World Without

Mrinal Sen, India 1991

Size: 2.17 MiByte

World Apartment Horror

Katsuhiro Otomo, Japan 1991

Size: 1.79 MiByte


Atsushi Kimura, Japan 1991

Size: 609 KiByte

Tomodachi no iru kodoku / Loneliness of Having Friends

Atsushi Inagi, Japan 1991

Size: 755 KiByte

Private Roman 5

Nobuhiro Kawanaka, Japan 1991

Size: 1.02 MiByte

Tokio House

Sumiaki Ishida, Japan 1990

Size: 1.02 MiByte


Harumi Fuji, Japan 1990

Size: 1.02 MiByte

Kyongmachang kanungil

Chang Som-U, Korea 1991

Size: 1.57 MiByte

Once Upon a Time in China

Tsui Hark, Hongkong 1991

Size: 1.73 MiByte

A Brighter Summer Day

Edward Yang, Taiwan 1991

Size: 1.49 MiByte


Luís Alberto Lamata, Venezuela 1991

Size: 3.22 MiByte

Las abandonadas / The Abandoned

Emilio Fernández, Mexico 1944

Size: 6.26 MiByte

Dona Barbara

Fernando de Fuentes, Mexico 1943

Size: 6.26 MiByte

La otra

Roberto Gavaldón, Mexico 1946

Size: 6.26 MiByte

Verlassen; Verloren; Einsam; Kalt; (Missa Solemnis)

Klaus Wyborny, Germany 1984-1991

Size: 1.56 MiByte


For information about films shown after 2003, please see the respective year via the program archive menu item.