Film PDFs

This archive is a work in progress. At the moment, you can download information for the films shown in the years 1971-2002. The pdf files for the Forum films from 2003 onwards are available on the Forum website for the respective year and can be found via the program archive menu item.

By Year and Forum Section

Exile Shanghai

Ulrike Ottinger, Germany, Israel 1997

Size: 2.90 MiByte

There You Have My Life – Marieluise, Child of Golzow

Barbara Junge, Winfried Junge, Germany 1996

Size: 3.02 MiByte

Katharina & Witt, Fiction & Reality

Mariola Brillowski, Germany 1997

Size: 1.15 MiByte

East of War

Ruth Beckermann, Austria 1996

Size: 2.35 MiByte

They Teach Us How to Be Happy

Peter von Gunten, Switzerland 1996

Size: 1.74 MiByte

Africas:What about the pain?

Raymond Depardon, France 1996

Size: 1.77 MiByte

Reprise / Resumption

Hervé Le Roux, France 1996

Size: 4.78 MiByte

'The Man Who Couldn't Feel' and Other Tales

Joram ten Brink, Great Britain 1996

Size: 1.13 MiByte

Amsterdam Global Village

Johan van der Keuken, Netherlands 1996

Size: 2.39 MiByte

Djöflaeyjan / Devil's Island

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Island 1995

Size: 1.06 MiByte

Obyknowennyj President / An Ordinary President

Jurij Chaschtschewatski, Belarus 1996

Size: 1.12 MiByte

Ösge Vacht / Strange Times

Husseyn Mekhtiev, Azerbaijan 1996

Size: 1.16 MiByte

Calling the Ghosts – a Story About Rape, War and Women

Mandy Jacobson, Karmen Jelinčiċć , USA, Croatia 1996

Size: 2.31 MiByte

Nobody's Business

Alan Berliner, USA 1996

Size: 3.54 MiByte

Robert Altman's Jazz '34 – Remembrances of Kansas City Swing

Robert Altman, USA 1996

Size: 1.61 MiByte

MURDER and murder

Yvonne Rainer, USA 1996

Size: 1.18 MiByte


Daniel Eisenberg, USA 1997

Size: 1.75 MiByte


Gustavo Mosquera R., Argentina 1996

Size: 2.39 MiByte

O Sertão das Memorias / Landscape of Memories

José Araújo, Brazil 1996

Size: 1.23 MiByte

Yndio do Brasil / Our Indians

Silvio Back, Brazil 1996

Size: 896 KiByte

O Cego Que Gritava Luz /The Blind Man Who Shouted Light

João Batista de Andrade, Brazil 1996

Size: 1.19 MiByte

Chukje / Festival

Im Kwon-Taek, Korea 1996

Size: 1.64 MiByte

Daijiga Umule Pajinnal / The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well

Hong Sang-Soo, Korea 1996

Size: 1.54 MiByte

Memories / Magnetic Rose, Stink Bomb, Cannon Folder

Koji Morimoto, Tensai Okamura, Katsuhiro Otomo, Japan 1995

Size: 2.32 MiByte

Himitsu No Hanazono / My Secret Cache

Shinobu Yaguchi, Japan 1996

Size: 1.17 MiByte

Yi Sheng Yi Tai Xi / A Little Life-Opera

Allen Fong, HongKong, China 1997

Size: 2.20 MiByte

Kahini / Fiction

Malay Bhattacharya, India 1996

Size: 2.32 MiByte

I Magi Randagi / We Free Kings

Sergio Citti, Italy, Germany, France 1996

Size: 1.06 MiByte

Polnische Passion

Stanislaw Mucha, Germany 1997

Size: 587 KiByte

Mini Händ Wärdid Rucher, Immer Rucher / My Hands Are Getting Sorer and Sorer

Rudolf Barmettler, Germany, Switzerland 1996

Size: 1.16 MiByte

Solidarity Song: The Hanns Eisler Story

Larry Weinstein, Canada, Germany 1996

Size: 1.16 MiByte

Close-Up Long Shot

Mahmoud Chokrollahi, France 1996

Size: 0.90 MiByte

Amor Fati / Love of Destiny

Sophie Kotanyi, Germany 1996

Size: 0.99 MiByte

The Medium is the Message. Fifteen Ways of Looking at a Jubilee.

Dietmar Hochmuth, Germany 1996

Size: 1.20 MiByte

Der Platz

Uli M Schüppel, Germany 1997

Size: 575 KiByte

Gracious Curves

Maiju Leppänen, Finland 1997

Size: 431 KiByte

Return to Hildburghausen

Rainer Hartleb, Germany 1996

Size: 1.01 MiByte


For information about films shown after 2003, please see the respective year via the program archive menu item.