Film PDFs

This archive is a work in progress. At the moment, you can download information for the films shown in the years 1971-2002. The pdf files for the Forum films from 2003 onwards are available on the Forum website for the respective year and can be found via the program archive menu item.

By Year and Forum Section

Fluchtweg nach Marseille

Ingemo Engström, Gerhard Theuring, West Germany 1977

Size: 1.43 MiByte

Madame X - An Absolute Ruler

Ulrike Ottinger, West Germany 1977

Size: 4.00 MiByte

Tue Recht und scheue niemand!

Jutta Brückner, West Germany 1975

Size: 1.58 MiByte


Antonia Heming, Claus Gerlach, West Germany 1977

Size: 1.24 MiByte

I Often Think of Hawaii

Elfi Mikesch, West Germany 1978

Size: 1.03 MiByte

Hafenarbeit – im roll-on, roll-off Verkehr

Peter Schubert, Maximiliane Mainka, West Germany 1977

Size: 1.28 MiByte

Der Boxer aus Kars

Thomas Tanner, West Germany 1977

Size: 543 KiByte


For information about films shown after 2003, please see the respective year via the program archive menu item.