october 2021, arsenal cinema

The Last City

An archeologist and a weapons designer who knew each other in a former life as a filmmaker and a psychoanalyst meet at an archeological excavation site in the Negev Desert and begin discussing love and war; a conversation they continue in the Israeli city of Be’er Sheva. The film then proceeds with changing actors in changing roles; a round dance that takes us to the cities of Athens, Berlin, Hong Kong, and São Paulo. The characters include an old artist who meets his younger self, a mother who lives with her two grown sons (a priest and a policeman), a Chinese woman and a Japanese woman, a curator and a cosmologist. Their dialogues deal with now-obsolete social taboos, generational conflict, war guilt, and cosmological musings. The architecture of each of the five cities serves as the third participant in the protagonists' dialogues, and completes their philosophical and metaphysical journeys. (PYM Film)

october 2021, arsenal cinema

And Life Goes On – Abbas Kiarostami Retrospective

Director Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016) is the most significant representative of modern Iranian cinema and one of the most respected auteurs worldwide. He also received considerable international acclaim as a painter, photographer, and poet. His early films have only recently been restored and become available with English subtitles, which we are taking as the impetus to present a comprehensive retrospective of his oeuvre.

With WHERE IS THE FRIEND’S HOUSE? (1987) and AND LIFE GOES ON (1992), Kiarostami put Iranian film back on the map of world cinema, as the country’s production had drifted into irrelevance following the Islamic Revolution. Moving far beyond official images of the country, Kiarostami has enabled audiences to see Iran in ways as surprising as they are profound from the 1970s onwards. Quite apart from their visual qualities, his early shorts and medium-length films in particular function as documents of their time. They record everyday life and social change in Iran, exploring the interrelationships between art and reality in boldly original fashion.

october 2021, arsenal cinema

Relationships in the Cold War – Films Between North Africa and the Eastern Bloc

In cinema, the Cold War is often presented in the context of espionage and other such operations. As part of the event series “From Cairo to Karl-Marx-Stadt: Studying During the Cold War” by the Orient-Institut Beirut, Arsenal is showing a program of films made by directors from different countries in North Africa who studied in the “Eastern Bloc” and address personal and social conditions with respect to the resultant clash of ideologies. The relationships between the Global South and the two Cold War power blocks were also marked by non-alignment, anti- and post-colonialism, wars of liberation, and individual interpretations of socialism and communism – themes that are often not given the attention they deserve in the context of the Cold War.

october 2021, arsenal cinema

arsenal 3: Abbas Kiarostami

september 2021, arsenal cinema

Online discussion with Angelika Levi

As part of our programme on our streaming platform arsenal 3 an online discussion with Angelika Levi, moderated by Borjana Gaković will take place on September 21 at 6pm. It can be seen on our YouTube Channel.