March 2018, arsenal cinema

FilmDocument: Working in the cinema

Maria Stadler once ran a cinema now named in her honor in the village of Bad Endorf in Franconia. Wolfgang Berndt and Doris Dörrie, who at the time were students at the University of Television and Film in Munich, stumbled on her during their research on rural cinemas in Germany. In OB’S STÜRMT ODER SCHNEIT (FRG 1977), they documented Maria Stadler’s tireless efforts to keep her cinema alive. She does everything from chopping wood to heat the cinema, to advertising the films by bicycle and renting out the cinema for concerts and Punch and Judy shows. Berndt and Dörrie’s feature-length debut provides an insight into a life devoted to the cinema. A CineGraph Babelsberg event in cooperation with the Federal Archive Film Archive and the Deutsche Kinemathek. (ft)  (12.3., Introduction: Fabian Tietke)