February 2017, arsenal cinema



In conjunction with the solo exhibition of seven video works by Omer Fast at the Martin-Gropius-Bau, entitled "Omer Fast: Talking is Not Always the Solution", which can be seen until March 12, 2017, we are showing Omer Fast's CONTINUITY (Germany 2016). The film begins as a conventional, linear story about a son's emotionally-charged return home. But the mood quickly shifts into the uncanny: In a small town in Germany, a middle-aged married couple repeatedly invites young men to their house to take part in an impenetrable ritual. It remains unclear whether the husband and wife have suffered a loss perhaps their visitors, the surrogate sons, are merely supposed to prevent the threatened break-up from occurring. Three different personifications of their lost son Daniel spend the night at the family home. All of them disappear in mysterious fashion. (24.2.)