December 2018, arsenal cinema



In our ongoing series of screenings in analogue big screen format, we are showing the comic adaptation DICK TRACY (USA 1990), which can only be seen extremely rarely. In a 1930s Chicago rocked by crime and violence which also formed the locations of the comic of the same name by Chester Gould, private detective Dick Tracy conducts a daily battle against the clans and gangs of the city. The philosophically-versed gangster “Big Boy” Caprice (Al Pacino) is striving for control of the metropolis in and gets rid of his biggest rivals to this end. His lover “Breathless” Mahoney (Madonna) will play a key role in Tracy’s investigations of Caprice, Warren Beatty, director, producer, and leading actor of the film, and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro developed a visual language for this lavish production that translates the absurd, anarchic potential of the comic book work and its succinct colors into a live-action film in sensual, fast-paced, and ironic fashion. (10.12.)