October 2018, arsenal cinema

Big Cinema, Small Cinema #22

A man looks into a telescope, whereupon an image of the moon appears. We see images of streets and bridges from a past era. When two images follow one another, our imagination creates a connection between them. For us, it looks like the man is looking through the telescope at the moon, as if the streets and bridges were filmed on the same day in the same city. Is it possible to tell a story with found images?

In LES CENT TRUCS (1906), Segundo de Chomón played the magician in a scene containing an invisible cut, while he makes the cut visible again in GERONE – LA VENISE ESPAGNOLE (1912). In his short film ZWEIGROSCHENZAUBER (1928), Hans Richter connects many things that don’t seem to have anything to do with each other at first glance. In TÉR (1971) by István Szabó, children play at a square as if being observed at random. After the film screening, the audience makes a short visual montage themselves. (af) (14.10., for all over 6 years of age).