February 2019, arsenal cinema

Big Cinema, Small Cinema #26: Cinema magic

RABBIT’S MOON, 1950/1978

Moving images in the cinema are magical, as the first filmmakers over 100 years ago already knew. They not only wanted to show magical images, but also magic in films. This was made possible by editing. In CUISINE ABRACADABRANTE (Unusual Cooking, F 1908) and LE SORCIER ARABE (The Arab Sorceror, F 1906), Segundo de Chomón conjures magical performances and tricks on his stage. In Émile Cohl’s LE MOBILIER FIDÈLE (The Automatic Moving Company, F 1910) the life of a new tenant is made hell by the furniture. Later filmmakers, such as Kenneth Anger in RABBIT’S MOON (GB 1950/1978) and Anita Thacher in LOOSE CORNER (USA 1986), were inspired by the magic and simple tricks of these early films and cast their own spells. After the screenings, we will step in the footsteps of these pioneers and create our own film magic. (af/hp) (24.2./for anyone aged 5 and above).