August 2019, arsenal cinema

Filmmakers’ Choice


The invisible air is the protagonist of these three selected cinema songs. VAYU (Air, France 1994), the fourth part of a series by Indian painter and director Velu Viswanadhan on the elements, is a multilayered portrait of his country in images and sounds, without commentary and rich in nuances and metaphors. In IM GARTEN (Ute Aurand, Bärbel Freund, Germay 2002), a silent portrait of the Karl-Foerster-Garten in Potsdam-Bornim at different times of years, it’s not the naturalistic reproduction of the flora that makes up life, but rather the perception of the elements. SANS TITRE (Karl Heil, Germay 2018) creates a choreography of the meeting of crows and an ice skater at Lietzensee. It also does without sound to show the commonality between air and cinematography – movement. Presented by Karl Heil. (kh) (12.8.)