September 2019, arsenal cinema

Big Cinema, Small Cinema # 29
: Squared, lined, patterned


This film program depicts patterns and variations - on textiles, from light and color, painted and photographed. 117 Scottish patterns are featured in TARTANS, PLAIDS, BACKPIPES (Petra Kraus-Karon, G 1990). This squared frenzy of colors is followed by Hans Richter’s black-and-white FILMSTUDIE (G 1926). Objects filmed through a kaleidoscope become patterns, a crown of moving eyes, framed by abstract animations. TUSALAVA (GB 1928), an animated film by the New Zealand filmmaker Len Lye, whose visual language was inspired by the indigenous art of the South Pacific, is also black-and-white. Unknown creatures reminiscent of cells appear. THE ROOM OF CHROMATIC MYSTERY (2006) by the Australian filmmaking couple Corinne und Arthur Cantrill leads the viewer into a room of colored light, accompanied by a sound collage of noises and voices. After the screenings, all will be invited to create their own colored (light) patterns. For those aged 5 and above (29.9) (sts)