September 2019, arsenal cinema

The Harun Farocki Institute Presents


NIEMANNS ZEIT – EIN DEUTSCHER HEIMATFILM (Marion Schmid, Horst Kurnitzky) an essay film made in West Berlin screened out of competition at the Berlinale of 1985. A lonely academic played by Gerd Wameling, who was part of Peter Stein’s Schaubühne ensemble at the time, carries out research into the images and texts of National Socialism. A sparse mise-en-scène. Documentary sequences. And right in the middle, a formal island of black-and-white in which three men - a biologist, the philosopher of religion Klaus Heinrich and the most famous mountaineer in the world - are confronted with their very different respective notions of nature. Marion Schmid, a co-publisher of Carl Einstein’s writings, and Horst Kuznitsky, the author of “Triebstruktur des Geldes” knew Farocki from Heinrich’s lectures at the FU, which were open to all and attracted a wide spectrum of curious attendees. Both will attend the screening of their film. (11.9.) (sp)