December 2018, arsenal cinema

Short.Film.Tour. 2018/19 – Passing the Baton


On 28.11, the 2018 German Short Film Prize will be awarded in Potsdam. Before the nine nominated and prize-winning films tour cinemas across Germany in the coming year, we are creating a sort of “passing the baton” event with films from the last year and the coming one. Films of different categories will be presented, which experiment, cross boundaries, make you think or entertain you. The following selection from those nominated last year – CALL OF CUTENESS (Brenda Lien), THE LAST TAPE (Cyprien Clément-Delmas, Igor Kosenko), ELA – SKIZZEN ZUM ABSCHIED (Oliver Adam Kusio) – is combined with three nominees from 2018: CALL OF COMFORT (Brenda Lien), JOE BOOTS (Florian Baron), (Sophia Bösch). (fk)
An event with numerous guests in collaboration with the Bundesverband Deutscher Kurzfilm. Moderation: Cornelia Klauß. (10.12.)