October 2018, arsenal cinema

Filmmakers’ Choice


I.F. STONE’S WEEKLY (Jerry Bruck Jr., USA 1973): when journalist Isidore Feinstein Stone was made redundant during the persecution of Communists both real and suspected under McCarthy, he founded the one-man newspaper “I.F. Stone’s Weekly” in 1953. For 19 years, Izzy Stone was the researcher, author, and publisher of the four-page newsletter, which made him into an icon of critical journalism. Izzy Stone was something akin to a blogger at a time when one didn’t just have to find information via analogue means, but it also had to be sent via post. With a criminalistic sense of intuition and by reading official sources in meticulous fashion, he uncovered the government’s double-talk. An inspiring film in times of fake news and alternative facts, presented and discussed by Arne Hector and Minze Tummescheit (ah/mt). (22.10.)