September 2018, arsenal cinema



Christopher Nolan is co-responsible for the recent mini-renaissance of analog 70mm film. His INTERSTELLAR (USA/GB 2014), filmed on 70mm by cameraman Hoyte von Hoytema, is captivating with its wealth of detail and stupendous images. This superlative science-fiction film set in an apocalyptic future is a huge space opera, a cross “between action and philosophy” (Frank Schnelle), celebrating the courage and inventive genius that enable humanity to explore the universe. Drought and sandstorms make life on earth more difficult and the population acts in accordance with its natural disposition: There is hostility towards the sciences and paranoia. NASA operates secretly to advance a mission to secure humanity’s survival. The idea is to travel through a wormhole near Saturn to find and colonize a planet in a remote galaxy, in order to create a new home. (al) (26.9.)