July 2012, arsenal cinema

July 10: DAAD Fellow Bouchra Khalili


French-Moroccan video artist Bouchra Khalili, whose films and installations have been shown at many international festivals and exhibitions, is currently a guest of the DAAD Berliner Künstlerprogramm. The exploration of exile and clandestine existence suffuse her formally elaborate works. The videos of the MAPPING-JOURNEY project (2008–2011) are based on the stories of nameless refugees who give an account of the routes they took to reach Europe and sketch them out in criss-cross fashion on a map, creating an alternative geography, a cartography of resistance. The STRAIGHT STORIES (2006–2008) video series is also dedicated to this form of modern nomadism. The five-part work SPEECHES (2012) shows immigrants reciting excerpts from key post-colonialist discourses in their respective mother tongues, included texts by Aimé Césaire, Malcolm X and Mahmud Darwisch.

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