May 2011, arsenal cinema

manifesta7 – The Fortress Films

SO IS THIS, 1982 (bei der manifesta7 in Franzensfeste)

One of the locations where the European Biennial of Contemporary Art will take place until November 2 is in Fortezza/Franzensfeste in South Tyrol, Italy, and it's a fortress. "The project entitled "Scenarios" aims to transform the spectacular backdrop of Fortezza/Franzensfeste into a scripted space with voice recordings, text, light and landscape." Visitors can hear recordings of texts the participating artists have written about the location. In one room, it's very still: silent films are projected on the walls of the fortress vault; due to their arrangement in the room, they communicate with each other in a peculiar way. They have been provided by the Arsenal. And we are transferring the spatial arrangement into a chronological one for the cinema. In attendance: Harun Farocki, Karl Kels, Karoe Goldt and the manifesta7 curators Anselm Franke and Hila Peleg. (27.11.)