May 2011, arsenal cinema

Vaginal Davis presents: Rising Stars, Falling Stars

Vaginal Davis

An expert for cinema from the 1920s, Vaginal Davis continues her glamorous series of performative film screenings. Early avant-garde, dramas, comedies – Miss Davis brings her protagonists, both familiar and unknown, into the present-day and makes them the stars of the evening. This time it's legendary cartoon figure Felix the Cat, whose popularity sold out cinemas and earned him the distinction of being the first-ever TV test pattern, in 1928. Felix's exact origins remain unknown: he was created by either Pat Sullivan or Otto Messmer. In any case, the tomcat – no stranger to surreal situations – did not initially survive the advent of talking pictures, and had to wait until the 1950s for a renaissance. Today, Vaginal Davis presents his early works, with musical accompaniment by John and Tim Blue.