May 2011, arsenal cinema

MaerzMusik presents

Parallel to musique concrète in Paris and Elektronische Musik in Cologne, Music for Tape, or also Tape Music, evolved in the United States at the end of the 1940s. The first known studies on the creative use of tape including simple electronic sound generation is from Louis and Bebe Barron, among others. John Cage also worked in the studio of the Barrons. In 1951 he founded the "Music for Magnetic Tape Project" with Earle Brown, Morton Feldman, David Tudor and Christian Wolff. They conducted experiments in recording electronic and natural sounds and combined them with instrumental music, dance and fine arts. The presentation of MaerzMusik features some of the most interesting compositions and documentations of this project. (March 28, introduction by Volker Straebel)

An event of MaerzMusik in cooperation with the Elektronische Studio of TU Berlin – Faculty Audio-communication.