May 2011, arsenal cinema

FilmDocument: GHETTO

In May 1942, a German film crew shot a tendentious report on the living conditions in the Warsaw Ghetto, meant to strongly emphasize the difference between the poverty and wealth of the ghetto inhabitants. The shots, preserved as fragments and without an audio track, were not used for public screening during the Nazi period. The pictures transport clichéd notions and representations of National Socialist propaganda on European Jewry. That "the Jews" were adapted to the National Socialist propaganda image of "the Jew" by means of exclusion and concentration, and that they in turn provided the images serving as grounds for doing so, is something that the film should not reveal. (Anja Horstmann)

An event of CineGraph Babelsberg in cooperation with the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv and the Deutsche Kinemathek. Introduction: Anja Horstmann. (Jan. 25)