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Kino Polska

AMATOR, 1979

Two films by Krzysztof Kieslowski were screened in 1980 and 1981 at the Forum of the Berlinale:

AMATOR (Camera Buff, 1979, Feb. 10) marked Kieslowski's first international success. The film tells of a worker who buys a film camera upon the birth of his daughter. He is asked to shoot a film at his company's anniversary celebration. Filming soon becomes the most important thing in his life. This leads to his making a name for himself in the culture scene, but destroying all relations to his human surroundings.

SPOKÓJ (Calm Before the Storm, 1976/1980, Feb. 9) was shot in 1976, but broadcast on Polish TV only as late as 1980. The protagonist, played by Jerzy Stuhr, is a young man just released from prison and now hoping for a normal and plain life. He tries not to rub up, but consequently finds himself between the frontlines at his workplace – something entailing tragic consequences.