May 2011, arsenal cinema

Distribution start: DAY OF THE SPARROW


DAY OF THE SPARROW (Philip Scheffner, D 2010) is a political nature film in which the border between war and peace is dissolved. On November 14, 2005, a sparrow is shot after having toppled 23,000 dominos in the Dutch town of Leeuwarden. In Kabul, a German soldier is killed in a suicide attack. The juxtaposition of these headlines prompted the director to search for war using the methods of ornithology. In Germany, not Afghanistan. For this is where the question arises: Are we living in peace or are we at war?

We are looking forward to greeting the director at the advance showing on April 21. From April 22 to 28, the film will be screened at Arsenal and fsk-Kino. On April 30, we will talk with Philip Scheffner about his specific working method of essayistic documentary film, preceded by the screening of his debut, THE HALFMOON FILES (D 2007), a multilayered, audiovisual research work on the interlacement of politics, colonialism, science, and the media – based on image and sound documents of Indian and North African prisoners of war from the "Halbmondlager" near Berlin during World War One.