May 2011, arsenal cinema

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LA BOCCA DEL LUPO (Pietro Marcello, Italy 2009): If we never get tired of watching love stories at the movies, this has to do with an unfathomable secret: The way in which times and places contribute to scriptwriting. The love story between the transsexual Mary and Enzo, a Sicilian with a moustache and a heart of gold, began in prison and takes its course in the almost extinct world of Genoa's dock area. This is where Pietro Marcello sets a parallel plot that documents and reconstructs Mary's and Enzo's path of life in an equally fictitious and truthful way. We will screen the winner of this year's Caligari Award and of the Teddy for the best documentary film from Oct. 21 through 27 (on Oct. 21 in the presence of Pietro Marcello).