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What is Cinema? – jour fixe

A.K.A. DON BONUS, 1995

The What is Cinema? – jour fixe in January is for schoolchildren and teachers of the 10th grade or upper school. Based on the theme of "autobiographical film," on January 7, at 10 a.m., we will show the American film A.K.A. DON BONUS (1995, Spencer Nakasako, Sokly Ny), a film diary by and about Sokly Ny, who fled with his family from Cambodia to the United States and tries to graduate from school despite family crises and housing problems. For the period of one year, the camera was Sokly's constant companion, a witness to difficult family gatherings, a spy in court during the trial of his brother, a friend and dialog partner in times of personal crisis. The result is a powerful, almost one-hour documentary of a young adult and a vivid study of the complex migration problems in the San Francisco Bay Area. Registration required (Jan. 7, introduction and moderation of the film discussion: Stefanie Schlüter)

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