May 2011, arsenal cinema

Mara Mattuschka as Guest


In her works, the Austrian filmmaker and performance artist Mara Mattuschka mostly refers to the body and sexuality, addressing them in a combination of comedy and tragedy. We are delighted to be able to greet Mara Mattuschka as our guest at Arsenal and will show her last three films made together with the choreographer Chris Haring in her presence. PART TIME HEROES (2007), RUNNING SUSHI (2008),BURNING PALACE (2009) are all explorations of performative processes and filmic narration. Sophisticated tableaux vivant emerge from bodies striking grotesque poses in the BURNING PALACE – accompanied by a sound tapestry of breathing, singing and speaking. In cooperation with the Schwules Museum. On April 1 at the Schwules Museum: Live performance/lecture by Mara Mattuschka on the occasion of the exhibition "LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN. Verortungen eines Genies". (March 31)