May 2011, arsenal cinema

Celluloid – The Medium as Material


15 films marking the start of the UdK seminar "Celluloid." The seminar focuses on exploring the medium of film as working material and working technique. Film exposed, illuminated, edited, cut up, pasted, scratched, corroded, buried. On view are classics of the genre as well as precursors and films further developing the genre. Most of them are from the time when experimenting with film initiated the genre of the same name. But also earlier and later examples proving that experimenting with the medium is an ongoing working method. Yet while the experimental filmmakers of the 1960s hardly had an alternative to film and its technology, today, opting for this material and its apparatuses is a deliberate decision. (Björn Speidel) (April 26, introduction: Stefanie Gaus and Björn Speidel)