October 2011, arsenal cinema

Classics not just for children


The children's classics program is almost always connected to the Magical History Tour, but because we don't have a film history season this month, we are completely independent. Therefore, we are granting a special request and every Sunday for five weeks running we are screening a great classic with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy:

WAY OUT WEST (James W. Horne, USA 1937 October 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30). The town where Stan and Ollie have to track down the daughter of a rich goldmine owner is located deep in the Wild West. They have a valuable document in their luggage – the official confirmation that the young girl is the only heir. However, it proves difficult to track her down, especially as the two are not very logical in their way of going about things. WAY OUT WEST is extremely entertaining thanks to a plethora of fast-paced gags and perfectly-timed slapstick numbers.