December 2011, arsenal cinema

FilmDocument: Alfred Ehrhardt – Bringing Together the Educational and the Avant-Garde


Alfred Ehrhardt is one of the most significant makers of educational films in German film and television history. His work was dedicated to a wide spectrum of different subjects, ranging from the Watten Sea, Portugal and Iceland, creating films about sculptors and musicians, about angels and handicrafts. The films selected for this program represent two of his main thematic concerns: natural ornaments and the beauty of natural forms as an analogy to absolute film and the portrayal of Iceland's unique characteristics as a means of creating an artistic connection between classic educational films and the avant-garde. (Kerstin Stutterheim)
An event organized by CineGraph Babelsberg in collaboration with the Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv, the Deutsche Kinemathek and the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation. (December 12)