February 2012, arsenal cinema

Filmmakers' Choice


Anja Czioska presents films which expand our perception thanks to the artistic medium of film. With its radical editing and use of impressionist elements of style, MÉNILMONTANT (Dimitri Kirsanoff, 1926) pre-empted the Nouvelle Vague movement of the 1960s. The construed surrealist reality of Maya Deren's AT LAND (USA 1944) leads to an expanded and newly-experienced space/time dimension. In his film diaries, Jonas Mekas captures images of his reality with a Bolex camera and changes them such that a filmic poem emerges. JONAS MEKAS, FRIDAY THE 13TH OCT N.Y.C. (Anja Czioska) is an unedited performative film sketch that builds up into a Lithuanian dance. "ONE PUSSY SHOW (Anja Czioska) is a trance-like performance film shot in fast motion, in which I put on the clothes from my 1988/89 collection and take them off, with 60s music in the background."(Anja Czioska) (20.2.)