March 2012, arsenal cinema

FilmDokument: From AGFA to ORWO. Corporate films from Wolfen


The Wolfen Filmfabrik is known for Agfocolor. In the GDR, it was the only producer of photo and cinema film and it became ORWO in 1964. Corporate videos and commercials made by the Filmfabrik represent a cross-section of products, enable inferences to be made about the way companies portray themselves and show the genre's different formats and how it has changed. All the films highlight the wide product range and international customers. With ORWO, the "socialist relations of production" came into the forefront. The films are also a treasure trove of inter-medial rebuke. They explain the phototechnology, integrate takes from the set and scenes from feature films. Their power of conviction comes mainly from the fact that they were selling the material on which the films had been shot. (Ralf Forster)

A CineGraph Babelsberg event in coopearation with the Federal Film Archive and the Industrie- und Filmmuseum Wolfen. (12.3.)