June 2012, arsenal cinema

Daniel Eisenberg is our guest


The films of the American Daniel Eisenberg, a director, author and professor at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, refuse to be pigeon-holed and are located between the avant-garde and documentary, essay and experiment. Eisenberg juxtaposes contemporary footage, archive material, photos, texts and sounds, creating a dialogue that opens up a space of reflection about themes such as history, memory, trauma, urbanity, or, as in his most recent film THE UNSTABLE OBJECT(USA 2011, 7.6.), work processes. We are very pleased to present his new work in his presence. The film triptych shows three different working environments: the futuristic, modern automobile industry, a factory in which blind workers make clocks, and a seemingly archaic foundry in Turkey, where instruments are manufactured. The three snap-shots serve as the starting point for a reflection about the relationship between the maker and the buyer.