November 2012, arsenal cinema

Guest: Christian von Borries


Dubai and Neverland mark places at which the world of dreams and reality flow into one another and the distance between reality and representation dwindles. Filmmaker Christian von Borries (*1961) explores how this phenomenon expresses societal processes in his two documentary essay films, both of which move beyond classic documentary forms. In THE DUBAI IN ME – RENDERING THE WORLD (Germany 2010), the business city of Dubai and its function as a theoretical undertaking and artificial paradise is the focus, as is the real estate association which operates in the guise of a state. MOCRACY – NEVERLAND IN ME (Germany 2012) is a collage of internet and TV clips which examines consumerism, capitalism, companies, architecture and the "charity industry" in Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Pyongyang, Detroit and Berlin. Michael Jackson meets Angelina Jolie meets Jean-Luc Godard. A political pamphlet on the pop sound of the 80s. (1.11.)