November 2012, arsenal cinema

FilmDocument: Book Presentation "Das Prinzip Neugier. DEFA-Dokumentarfilmer erzählen"

In "Das Prinzip Neugier. DEFA-Dokumentarfilmer erzählen" (The Curiosity Principle. DEFA Documentary Filmmakers Tells Their Stories), 21 documentary filmmakers speak abot about DEFA and the running of the studio. With Knut Elstermann introducing the evening, the book and the films DER SEKRETÄR (Jürgen Böttcher, East Germany 1967), MARTHA LEHMANN (Peter Voigt, East Germany  1972), IVO UND SABINE, QUERSCHNITTSGELÄHMT (Konrad Weiß, East Germany 1988) and DIE GANZE WELT SOLL BLEIBEN. ERICH FRIED. EIN PORTRÄT (Roland Steiner, East Germany 1989) will be presented, in which the stories of party secretary Gerhard Grimmer in the state chemical concern Buna, Leipzig "rubble lady" and gatekeeper Martha, couple Ivo and Sabine, who were both born paraplegic, and Austrian poet of Jewish orign Erich Fried, who lives in England, are all told. (Dorett Molitor)

An event by CineGraph Babelsberg in collaboration with the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv and the Deutsche Kinemathek. (12.11.)