January 2013, arsenal cinema

FilmDocument: A Instructional Film on Color Filmmaking for Filmmakers, 1943–45

Between 1941 and 1945, a rapid expansion took place in the German film industry, both in terms of its technical capacity and in the number of full-length fiction films shot in Agfa color. To be able to guarantee and even increase the production of color films despite war-related cuts and shortages, the Ufa called for an instructional film on color filmmaking to be made with the aim of giving filmmakers insight into the materials and helping them to avoid making technical and aesthetic mistakes.   Based on surviving fragments and raw footage, the background to and development of the unfinished film are presented and the project placed in the context of Nazi foreign propaganda during the Second World War. (Dirk Alt) 
An event of CineGraph Babelsberg, in cooperation with the German Federal Film Archive and the Deutsche Kinemathek. (14.1.)