June 2013, arsenal cinema

Dogma 48: The experimental adventure of Alberto Cavalcanti (Joel Pizzini)

Joel Pizzini has devoted a program to the Brazilian filmmaker Alberto Cavalcanti, who lived and worked in Europe in the 1920s. In a 1948 lecture to Danish filmmakers, he formulated a number of principles that later became famous thanks to Lars von Trier's Dogme 95 manifesto. Pizzini will screen Calvacanti's 1942 documentary FILM AND REALITY, a compilation film about the history of documentary from its beginnings to the outbreak of the war. He will also present his own work-in-progress version of CAV, a film about Calvacanti's life and work. Henri Langlois once described the director as having revived European documentary and as an "eternal stranger, a traveler through cinema whose work spans three continents." (7.6.)