June 2013, arsenal cinema

Pragmatic poetics of the archive (Senta Siewert)


Senta Siewert will present her research about the pragmatic poetics of archival work in international institutions taking the Arsenal and the EYE Film Institute Netherlands as examples. The program "Rhythm in experimental film" combines films from the Arsenal with one from the EYE film archive and illustrates the aesthetic, poetic aspect of pragmatic poetics. Siewert will analyze the pragmatic (organizational, archival and curatorial) aspect with Simona Monizza (EYE Film Institute Netherlands). Afterwards she will talk to Stefanie Schulte Strathaus about the different archival strategies of the two institutions. (16.6.)

Films from our archive:

LOOKING FOR MUSHROOMS (Bruce Conner, USA 1961/1996, 16.6.) The long version from 1996 is the same film footage as edited in the earlier short version released in 1968 with a Beatles soundtrack. It is made longer with five frames for each original frame but still remains the same edit (but with a new soundtrack by Terry Riley) and nothing added, nothing lost, always the same, never ending ....

MONGOLOID (Bruce Conner, USA 1976, 16.6.)
Bruce Conner’s early music video for Devo’s epynomous song.

KUSTOM KAR KOMMANDOS (Kenneth Anger, USA 1965, 16.6.)
To the music of "Dream Lover", a young man caresses his custom-made car with a powder puff.

ARABESQUE FOR KENNETH ANGER (Marie Menken, USA 1961, 16.6.)
These animated observations of tiles and Moorish architecture were made as a thank you to Kenneth for helping me shoot another film in Spain.
(Marie Menken)

HER MONA (Klaus Telscher, Germany 1992, 16.6.)
A singing competition.

MY NAME IS OONA (Gunvor Nelson, USA 1969, 16.6.) captures in haunting, intensely lyrical images fragments of the coming to consciousness of a child girl. One of the most perfect recent examples of poetic cinema. (Amos Vogel)

LIGHTS (Marie Menken, USA 1964/65, 16.6.)
Marie Menken paints with the lights in the nights shortly before christmas, and her dancing light-images full of joy transform reality – everything is just motion and light. An ode to filming. (Ute Aurand)

LABYRINTH (Maarten Visser, NL 1974, 16.6.)
A short animation film which uses small mozaique stones to create abstract patterns in the spirit of visual music.
Film print from EYE Film Institute Netherlands.

LIQUIDATOR (Karel Doing, NL 2012, 16.6.)
"The project Liquidator started with a research question; where lies the ultimate border of film preservation, and how does it look? In other words I was looking for a film print that was on the brink of complete deterioration. Although Liquidator started from pure fascination with the deterioration of film material, it is no coincidence that this film appears in a time of liquidations, radioactive water and Wikileaks." (Karel Doing)
Film print from EYE Film Institute Netherlands.