August 2013, arsenal cinema

DAAD Fellow Sandro Aguilar

Portuguese filmmaker Sandro Aguilar (*1974) is currently the guest of the DAAD's Berlin Artists' Program. His mainly short films lead the viewer into a mysterious, dark universe. They are idiosyncratically narrated micro-fictions characterized by carefully composed shots, virtuoso work with light and dark, blurred images and reflections and elaborate sound design. Almost wordlessly and extending beyond any sort of narrative logic, a dreamlike, mysterious and often disturbing atmosphere is created purely via the films' visual and acoustic elements. The characters are surrounded by emptiness and solitude – as too in Aguilar's feature A ZONA (Uprise, 2008), in which a man visiting his dying father in hospital meets a panicky pregnant woman who survived the car accident in which her husband died. (29. & 30.8.)