November 2013, arsenal cinema

DAAD Fellow Felipe Bragança


The Brazilian filmmaker Felipe Bragança (*1980) is currently the guest of the DAAD's Berlin Artist's Program. The films he has made with Marina Meiliande question the classical and realistic traditions of Brazilian cinema by combining reality and fantasy. Youths are usually the focus. In A FUGA DA MULHER GORILA (The Escape of the Monkey Woman, Brazil 2009), a "musical road-movie", two sisters embark on a journey through the state of Rio de Janeiro in an old combi van. They sing about happiness and suffering, about their desires and doubts. Reality and imagination are blurred in A ALEGRIA (The Joy, Brazil 2010), when the cousin of 16-year-old Luisa disappears without a trace after an exchange of fire, only then to turn up as a ghost in her apartment. The film combines utopia, fairy tale and the observation of everyday life. (bik) (4. & 5.11.)