November 2013, arsenal cinema

UdK Seminar: Borders and limits of capitalism

GREED, 1924

SCHULDNERBERICHTE (D 2001) records the ambivalent moments of transition in re-unified Germany (which today seems so far back), when crises were re-defined to no longer represent shameful-whistleblowing stigma but rather a chance for success. Although there is plenty of personal prejudice, the program’s films insist upon the distancing potential offered by film/television in terms of image and also intellectually in the face of total socialization and its theoretical elaboration. D.W. Griffith needed not more than a few minutes in A CORNER IN WHEAT(USA 1909) to show what was right and wrong about Marx's "original accumulation" and his "Law of the Tendential Fall of the Rate of Profit". Erich von Stroheim took hours in GREED (USA 1924) to hint at the chasms of the driving structure behind the economy that polarized men and women antagonistically in a way that Griffith had already made visible. (20. & 27.11.)