November 2013, arsenal cinema

50 Years of the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (LCB) presents three films that were made in its own in-house studio between 1964 and 1983. In IN-SIDE-OUT(George Moorse, FRG 1964) a young man falls in love with a girl whose heart he captures briefly. Later, he realizes how much this encounter has influenced his life. With the auteur film DENKMALSFORSCHUNG (Günter Bruno Fuchs, Wolfgang Ramsbott, FRG 1972), the LCB succeeded in the experiment of allowing an author define a film from the first draft to the last manipulation on the editing table. The documentary ERNST UND KAROLA BLOCH. DIE TÜBINGER ZEIT(Helga Reidemeister, FRG 1981/83) describes the life and political activity of Ernst Bloch and his wife Karola after they left the GDR in 1961. Karola Bloch introduces the poet and thinker's life and thoughts. (30.11.)