December 2013, arsenal cinema

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"I have to find the meaning of life within myself" – with this leitmotif in mind, Jochen Kraußer's documentaries set out in search of unusual, often eccentric seeming contemporaries. From 1969 to 1990, he worked in the DEFA studio for documentary film. With a cheerful sense of poise, he made portraits of people from beyond the big headlines. LERCHENLIEDER (1980) tells the story of the friendship between an old jukebox collector and a little boy. DER GORDISCHE KNOTEN (1991) focuses on a theatre group from Prenzlauer Berg to reflect about closeness and alienation in times of social upheaval. His playful approach to cinematic devices emerges in films such as the ironic AUFTRAG (1988) about the mass production of small busts of Karl Marx or WIND SEI STARK (1989) about people who build windmills, ABSCHIED VON MECHOWOJE (2000) is dedicated to various almost extinct songs and customs in Russian villages. (ks) (2.12.)