January 2014, arsenal cinema

50 Years of Arsenal: Dovzhenko's "Arsenal"


For our institution's 50th anniversary, we were with the help of the Capital Cultural Fund able to acquire new prints of six films in our collection. To bring the series of presentations of these new acquisitions to a close, we are showing Alexander Dovzhenko's programmatic name-giving revolution film ARSENAL(USSR 1929) in a newly restored print from the film archive in Kiev on 3.1. The film title references the Kiev munitions store where the January 1918 Ukrainian revolution reached a head. Dovzhenko places the depiction of the uprising at the end of a complex kaleidoscope of events, an audaciously edited, richly symbolic description of the horrors of the First World War, those suffered by the population and the heroic struggle of the young Communist movement. The film will receive a live piano accompaniment by acclaimed composer and pianist Eunice Martins, who will be playing her own new composition for ARSENAL. (mg)