January 2014, arsenal cinema

Premiere: Fadenspiele 3


We are sisters – one paints, the other makes films. Since 1999, we have made three films together: FADENSPIELE 1 (1999),FADENSPIELE 2 (2003) and now FADENSPIELE 3. All three films are animations in which we use frame-by-frame playback to set things in motion. Frame-by-frame playback is what connects film and painting. In FADENSPIELE 3, it is the Swiss mountains that form the backdrop to our drawings and animations. We draw on a pane of glass standing in the landscape. The drawings become part of the landscape and the landscape part of the drawings. For the premiere of FADENSPIELE 3, we are showing all three films on 16mm. The films are for adults and children. (dua) (12.1.)