March 2014, arsenal cinema

The DEFA Foundation presents


In March, the DEFA Foundation is presenting two films in honor of the late writer Christa Wolf who would have turned 85 on 18. March.

Christa Wolf played a central role in the literary and intellectual history of the GDR. In ZEITSCHLEIFEN – IM DIALOG MIT CHRISTA WOLF(The Loops A Conversation with Christa Wolf, G 1991), Karlheinz Mund documents her most important activities since autumn 1989. In conversation with the journalist Daniela Dahn, Wolf reflects upon the ruptures in recent history and thus in her own biography. DEFA, the East German film studios worked upon three screenplays with Christa Wolf. Two were adapted from her works - "Divided Heaven" (1964) and "Miss Butterfly" (1966), which was banned immediately and only premiered in 2005 after a reconstruction. The third, DIE TOTEN BLEIBEN JUNG (The Dead Stay Young, Joachim Kunert, GDR 1967) was adapted from an Anna Seghers novel that chronicles the development of two families, one aristocratic, one working-class, between 1918 and 1945. (jh) (3.3.)