April 2014, arsenal cinema

20th Berlin & Potsdam Jewish Film Festival


Twenty years! All our congratulations on this anniversary and for an extensive programme that offers a wide-ranging insight into Jewish life from all kinds of perspectives in terms of countries, periods and cinematic forms.

BANANOT(Cupcakes, Eytan Fox, IL/F 2013, 3.4., Introduced by Eldad Beck) A colorful parody of the world of talent shows: Overnight, a confectioner who has just been dumped and her friends are catapulted into a glittering glamourous environment with a song they compose themselves. A frenzy of colors, cakes and pop music.

MI MEFAHED MEZEEV HARA (Big Bad Wolves, Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado, IL 2013, 3.4.) A bleak, violent and very dark fairy-tale: In the basement of a country home the father of a murdered girl takes revenge on the suspect - the third man is a tied-up policeman who witnesses the events.


Pokłosie (Aftermath, Władysław Pasikowski, PL 2012, 4.4., Guest: Dariusz Jablonski, introduced by Kornel Miglus) Following their fathers death, two Polish brothers start looking into the history of their village, whose Jewish population was killed in the early 1940s. Their research comes across blatant resistance even 70 years later.

MARS TURKEY (Clean Sweep, Oded Davidoff, IL 2001, 4.4.) A breathtaking thriller comedy,   love triangle and battle of the sexes featuring secret service agent Aya, her lover Reuven who is a police captain, and Patrick, a notorious mafia boss.

WAKOLDA (The German Doctor, Lucía Puenzo, AR 2013, 5.4.) Patagonia, 1960: During a storm, a German doctor finds refuge with a local family. A close relationship ensues between him and the family members who are not suspicious when he proposes to treat one of the daughters.

GLOOMY SABBATH (Amit Epstein, D 2013, 5.4. The director is our guest.) On her deathbed, Christian's grandmother takes him on a cheerful trip down memory lane. But what about the painting whose recent sale paid for his apartment?

LES INTERDITS (Friends from France, Anne Weil, Philippe Kotlarski, F/RUS/CDN/D 2013, 5.4.) During a trip to Odessa at the end of the 1970s, Jérôme and Carole come into contact with Soviet Jews, refuseniks who face political persecution after applying for exit visas to leave the Soviet Union. They discover a world that goes beyond the clichés of socialism.

PUR(Anat Vovnoboy, IL 2013, 5.4.) Rare archival footage of Purim celebrations in private homes in the USSR are framed by interviews with those who were there at the time. Thirty years later, they talk about the persecution of Jews who wanted to leave the Soviet Union.    
A LIFE DEVOTED TO JAPANESE ART (Santje Kramer, NL 2013, 6.4., Guests:S. Kramer, Marga Bosch, Jaron Borensztajn, Takayuki Miyashita, Moderated by Sabine Porn) The story of the person behind the unique collection of Haifa's Tikotin Museum is as interesting as the discoveries that can be made there. Tikotin, who was also an architect, started collecting Japanese art at the beginning of the 1920s. Despite his having to escape Germany and the war, he was able to salvage and expand his collection. However, his children and business partners lost out.

LONELY PLANET (Edan Zeira, Israel/RUS 2011, 6.4.) A film crew makes a trip to Siberia to find "Mishka"Zilberstein, who is said to have escaped from the ghetto and survived among a pack of wolves in the forest. The longer the search for him lasts, the more fleeting his existence becomes.

BLACK STARS (Benyamin Reich, G 2014, 6.4., The director is our guest) A personal journey into Judaism going from the past in Eastern Europe to the present.

TRIKKEN TIL AUSCHWITZ (The Tram to Auschwitz, Elsa Kvamme, N 2013, 7.4., the director will be our guest) Samuel Steinmann is one of the few Norwegian Jews to have survived the Holocaust. Kvamme takes his fate as a starting point to depict the persecution of the Jews in Norway.

YOU ARE ME (Peter Speyer, GB 2013, 7.4.) A guarded relationship develops between a Holocaust survivor and a refugee from Rwanda on a London park bench.

SUKKAH CITY(Jason Hutt, USA 2013, 7.4., Guest: Matthias Karch) How is a Sukkah built? Thats what a design competition is supposed to answer. Hutt follows architect teams from the design phase to a Sukkah exhibition on Union Square in New York.

SUKKOT IN WARSAW (Dmitriy Khavin, USA/PL 2013, 7.4.) Jewish life in Warsaw. The children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors celebrate Sukkot.

SAGA OF A PHOTO (Mooly Landesman, IL/D 2013, 8.4., The director is our guest.) Landesman takes her grandmother Margot Klausner's wedding photo as a starting point to relate the life of one of the most important women in Israel's cultural scene, using private footage, newsreels and re-created scenes.

JESTESMY TU (We Are Here, Francine Zuckerman, CDN/PL 2013, 8.4., The director is our guest.) How does one live out one's Jewish identity in a country whose Jewish population once numbered over three million, over 90 percent of whom were killed in the Holocaust? Zuckerman portrays the ginger new beginnings of Jewish life in Poland.

SCHNEE VON GESTERN (Farewell Herr Schwarz, Yael Reuveny, IL/D 2013, 9.4., The director is our guest. Moderation: Sabine Porn) A reconstruction of the life of Feiv'ke Schwarz, who survived the Holocaust, and then settled down and founded a family in Schlieben, Brandenburg where he died at the end of the 1980s without ever having made contact with his only sister in Israel. Reuveny sets out to find her great uncle and encounters skepticism and a lack of understanding, as well as a German family.

IDA (PawełPawlikowski, PL 2013, 9.4., Introduced by Kornel Miglus) Just before her ordination, the young novice Ida finds out that her parents were Jewish. A journey through bleak socialist 1960s Poland and the reconstruction of Ida's background.

BEFORE AND AFTER DINNER(Cindy Kleine, USA 2013, 10.4. The director is our guest. Moderation: Peter Stephan Jungk) A moving and entertaining documentary about the renowned US actor and theater director AndréGregory and his work and activities outside of the mainstream.

KIDON (Emmanuel Naccache, F/IL 2013, 10.4., Introduced by P. S. Jungk) A comedy about suspect Mossad agents and the assassination of a Hamas representative in a Dubai hotel.

GENTLEDOG (David Shadi, IL 2012, 10.4., The director is our guest.) A man expecting a night of love is ostracized by his new girlfriends jealous dog whose protective instinct yields to pure machismo.

AVODA ARAVIT (Arab Labor, Shay Capon, Jacob Goldwasser, IL 2013, 11.4., Introduced by Sabine Porn) True to tradition, the Jewish film festival presents the best parts of the fourth and most recent series of the celebrated Israeli cult series by screenplay writer and author Sayed Kashua.

ANDERSWO (Anywhere Else, Ester Amrami, G 2014, 11.4., The director is our guest.) Noa has been studying in Berlin for some time. Shes been kept in the new city by her lightheartedness but a series of setbacks have changed her mood. She thinks a vacation in Israel might help. However, here as well, problems and everyday reality soon rear their head. When her German boyfriend turns up, her two hitherto separate worlds collide.

LISHKA 06 (Bureau 06, Yoav Halevy, IL 2013, 12.4.) The title refers to a special team of police investigators whose task it was to investigate and prepare the charges brought against Adolf Eichmann. The documentary portrays the protagonists and the extent of the emotional and psychological burdens entailed because of this work.

PLASTALINA (Fragile, Vidi Bilu, IL 2013, 12.4.) Jerusalem before the Six-Day War. The various members of a small family lead their own lives: Eli, the father, entrenches himself in work, the 11-year-old daughter Michal explores her environment, and the depressive mother Ruthy barely gets out of bed. When she does finally free herself from lethargy, the family's fragile structure threatens to collapse.

An event organized by Welser 25 Freundeskreis des jüdischen und israelischen Films with the support of the Capital Culture Fund, the German Lottery Fund in Berlin, the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the state of Brandenburg, the Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg and the Central Council of Jews in Germany.