April 2014, arsenal cinema

The DEFA Foundation presents

On 7. April, the DEFA Foundation and the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation continue their Breaks and Continuitiesprogram, presenting two films with the actress Gisela Uhlen (19192007). The joint series focuses on 12 actors who worked at UFA before 1945 or at the DEFA afterwards. In DER STUMME GAST (The Silent Guest, Harald Braun), Gisela Uhlen plays the young wife of the barkeeper Raschek, who fulfils all her desires without paying attention to his financial situation. A murder occurs. The 1945 film was loosely based on Theodor Fontanes novella "Under the Pear Tree". 

In the evenings second film,DER PROZESS WIRD VERTAGT (The Trial is Postponed, Herbert Ballmann, GDR 1958), a Jewish emigrant returns to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1955 to ensure an informer is sentenced. His efforts seem in vain, until a direct confrontation between the two men takes place. (jh) (7.4.)